Winston Churchill Memorial Screen



Winston Churchill Memorial Screen at St Paul's Cathedral, London 2004

The metalwork screen, 3.50 m high x 8 m wide, spans the Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, It stands as a permanent memorial to Sir Winston Churchill, the third great national hero to have a state funeral at the Cathedral, alongside those of the Duke of Wellington and Lord Nelson.

The screen is manufactured using both ancient and modern methods - from hot forging to the use of CAD - and is made textured mild steel, with patinated bronze details. Face plates, bronze stars, buttons and flags - all together approximately 1200 small components - were applied after the finishing process of shotblasting and lacquering of the screen frames was complete.

Heraldic roundels for both sides of the double centre screen depicting images from the life of Sir Winston were cast in bronze.

The Ground Memorial Plaque has been manufactured by Pankhurst Tool & Die Co. in Devon by the method of wire erosion, is made of naval brass with bronze patination and insertions of specially designed stainless steel lettering.